Should You Give Us a Call?

"Recognizing that you have a problem is often the most difficult step for addicts to take. Asking for help is difficult for many people and may be for you as well. Make sure that you are making an honest appraisal of your situation. The following are a list of items that may indicate that you are having difficulty with either drugs or alcohol and should give us a call at (352) 575-0491 in Gainesville:

  1. Do you find yourself turning to either drugs or alcohol each day?
  2. Has your use of either drugs or alcohol caused you to miss work or another obligation either due to negligence, forgetfulness, or simply a desire to “not go” in preference of using these substances?
  3. Do the majority of people who you consider friends and “hang out with” also use alcohol or drugs on a daily basis and do you spend most of your time with them doing these things?
  4. Do you ever get to the point of losing consciousness or “blacking out” while using either drugs or alcohol?
  5. Do you take or have you taken prescription medications with the desire of getting high?
  6. Did you think that you were able to cease using either drugs or alcohol but find that you were not able to break the habit?
  7. Do you behave differently while using either drugs or alcohol and find yourself apologizing for your actions?
  8. Have either your friends or family approached you with their concerns that you may be addicted to either drugs or alcohol?
  9. Do you spend time alone and become drunk or high?
  10. Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and already looking for your next drink or for drugs?
  11. Do you find yourself changing yourself or neglecting to do the things that previously made you happy because of drugs or alcohol?

If you believe that you can honestly answer yes to these questions, or even just one, you may be experiencing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Don’t waste another moment of allowing these substances to control your life. Call us at (352) 575-0491 in Gainesville today!


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